Organic Bunda Butter | Body Butter| 9 oz |
Organic Bunda Butter | Body Butter| 9 oz |
Organic Bunda Butter | Body Butter| 9 oz |

Organic Bunda Butter | Body Butter| 9 oz |

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A luxurious, organic body butter formulated with four of the most powerful, natural oils on this planet. Our body butter melts and absorbs quickly onto your skin. Currently available in our original "Bunda Butter" which has no scent added but still has, a natural, chocolate-y smell due to our ingredients. Suitable for all skin types.

Bunda Butter is the Portuguese word for "butt". Formulated with powerful ingredients for you to love your butt, you can use our Bunda Butter anywhere on your body. 

Ingredients: Theobroma (Cocoa) Butter*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil

*Certified Organic

- Can prevent dryness for even the driest skin
- Can prevent stretch marks & increase elasticity
- Soothes Burns & Rashes
- After-sun soothing lotion
- Safe for pregnant & nursing mothers
- Safe for children

How to apply:
- Wash hands
- Scoop up a dollop in your hands and rub briefly between your hands
- Rub all over body (butter will spread far so you don't need much!)
- Wait 10 minutes until product soaks in
- Safe for face & body

You can also take a dollop and throw it into a warm bath.

- This product is temperature sensitive and should not be stored in a place above 72°F. This will not affect the safety or quality of the product, just the texture. If it begins to melt, simply pop it in the fridge for 15-20 mins.
- Most body butters have to be heated to get to a certain consistency. Our product has only been heated to melt down the rock form of our cocoa butter. Everything else has not been heated so as to keep the richness and quality of our oils. This means that our product may feel granular. The granules will melt instantly on your skin & creates a delicious exfoliation.