What's Bunda Butter?


Love! I love that it retains the whipped texture, but goes on almost like an oil. It feels great on - not too heavy! I also like that they encourage you to customize the scent with your own oils. Major kudos to the biodegradable packaging and handwritten note. Will def order again.

Jaime T

I purchased this product for my girlfriend, an exacting organic skincare obsessive, and she adores it across all categories from ingredients to feel to smell to packaging to, of course, effectiveness. She says it's "wonderful in every way." High praise from a tough and savvy critic!

Robert B

Absolutely adore this batch of body butter, it's everything I've ever wanted in a beauty product. I love the smooth texture and natural fragrance. Can't wait for new products to come out! Keep up the good work <3

Valentina C